Top 3 Q&A For A Massage Therapist Website



The majority of successful massage therapists have fully functioning websites that they make use of to promote services to clients, old, new and prospective. Providing vital information regarding their services, philosophy and rates helps the potential clients to become more knowledgeable about their type of businesses and how they are run.

For both the potential and new clients who are unfamiliar with what massage is all about, the Q&A section of a massage therapist website forms a great learning place. In this section, clients learn more about the common procedures and benefits of massage therapy. Here are massage therapy question and answer samples that can be used as a base for your own website. Personalize the section to suit your own massage practice or personal style.

Q1. Who is an ideal massage therapy client?

A1. Generally speaking, massage therapy is beneficial to all people in need. As such, you don’t have to be a professional sports player or an Olympic athlete to appreciate the various types of massage therapy on offer or the difference it can make to your overall physical wellbeing. Whether your work involves carrying heavy loads, typing on a computer or carrying out repetitive activities, you can greatly benefit from a well done massage. Massage in simple terms greatly eases stress and relaxes sore muscles, resetting the body to its former quick responding self.

Q2. How often should you get a massage?

A2. This depends on your personal preferences as there are a lot of factors involved when making the final decision. These factors are such your stress levels, time availability and personal health goals. For most people, once per week massage session is more than enough for their continued health benefits. For others, it has to be twice or thrice per month. Discuss the available options with your therapist to find out what best can work for you. Remember, consistency is the key to getting most out of the massage therapy regimen.

Q3. What should I expect during my first massage session?

A3.You need to arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment with a massage therapist for a number of reasons. To start with, you will need to fill out a short confidential health history intake form so as to be allowed into the massage room. Having filled in the form, you are then allowed into the massage room. The therapist normally steps out of the room to allow you to disrobe on the massage table. During the entire time you are on the massage table, you are covered in an appropriate sheet.

Having disrobed, the massage therapist re-enters the room and starts the session. Massage procedures differ from one client to another as they are personalized to suit specific individual’s needs. When the session is completed, the therapist once again leaves the room to give you a chance to get up and get dressed.


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